Self Study Course

This training will expand upon the the topics covered in EFIT Level 1 & 2 certificates courses. Join Dr. Leanne Campbell and host Robin Williams Blake in this 12 hour home-study course. A Certificate of Completion will be presented by the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT upon completion. Study at your own pace with 24/7 access to content in our easy to use platform.

  • Prerequisite: EFIT Level 1 (with any ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer)

  • Further develop your skills and understanding of EFIT and working with trauma

  • Follow a Case Study that features THREE LIVE SESSIONS recorded during the training

  • Practitioner Relevant Information and Video review

    Includes Video and Case Study Review as well as relevant Exercises

  • CE Credits Available

    Optional 12 CE Credits available for an additional $40.00 USD

  • 24/7 Unlimited Access to Content

    Watch and re-watch material with access for 3 months

This four session 12-hour training will build on the Levels 1 and 2 EFIT and Trauma trainings and will include THREE LIVE SESSIONS (recorded during the initial broadcast of this training) and various practice exercises. Completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for this training. A certificate of completion of this additional training will be provided (but this training is not a replacement for and WILL NOT provide participants with Level 1 or 2 certification). Rather, this training is specifically aimed at assisting participants in further developing their skills and understanding of EFIT as it pertains to working with individuals with histories of trauma

The training will begin with a review of assessment, case conceptualization and treatment planning, with a focus as well on how to structure individual sessions, how to structure the overall (three stage) treatment process, and how to maintain continuity between sessions. Next, the training will focus on working with emotion in individual therapy, again with the focus on working with clients with histories of trauma, with attention to pacing (both within and between sessions) and building on and consolidating gains throughout the treatment process

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Conduct an initial session/assessment for an individual therapy client with a history of trauma
  • Outline emotional regulation and interactional patterns that shape models of self and other
  • Use Part 1, Move 2 (affect assembly) of the Tango to help with case formulation and treatment planning 
  • Use the overall EFT roadmap to help guide decision-making and treatment planning
  • Formulate a treatment plan for an individual therapy client with a history of trauma
  • Use information gained through the assessment process to guide therapeutic pacing and clinical decision-making
  • Implement the five moves of the EFT Tango to shape corrective emotional experiences
  • Use the key macro- and micro-interventions of the EFT/EFIT model to build on previous gains and maintain continuity between sessions
  • Use the key macro- and micro-interventions of the EFT/EFIT model to consolidate and integrate gains


Module 1 - Building an Alliance, Assessment, Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning

Module 1 of this training begins with a live session (a demonstration of a first session with a client, recording live in front of training participants when making this course). Following the session, participants will use various tools, handouts and desk references to distill the information, formulate the case, and develop a treatment plan.

Module 2 - Structuring the Process Within and Between Sessions

In Module 2 of this training, this same client will again be seen live with the goal of demonstrating a second session with a client with attention to the treatment plan developed the day prior, continuity between sessions, and pacing the process.

Module 3 - Moving Through Stage One

Following this same client, participants will engage in video review and experiential exercises with a specific focus on the key macro-intervention, the tango and with special attention given to working with emotion in EFIT.

Module 4 - Another Live Session, the Third in this Training series!

In Module 4 of this training, participants will again see a live demonstration with the same client that was seen in Module 1 & 2 of this training. Following the live session, participants will engage in experiential exercises aimed at identifying and consolidating gains to date (with regard to both the therapeutic and training processes).


Dr. Leanne Campbell

Registered Psychologist & ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer

Dr. Leanne Campbell is co-director of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group and is an Honorary Research Associate of Vancouver Island University. Trained by Dr. Sue Johnson in the early 1990s, she has continued to work in the EFT model since that time, and has provided psychotherapy services to hundreds of individuals, couples and families over the past about three decades. Known for her expertise in the area of trauma, Dr. Campbell has provided hundreds of psychological assessment reports for forensic/legal and personal injury matters being considered before various levels of Court. She also is regularly called upon to provide expert opinion surrounding Canadian Forces Base, Veterans Affairs Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police/RCMP (and other first responder) cases, as well as psychological evaluations for various insurance companies and bodies involved in adjudicating personal injury and other trauma-based claims. In addition to maintaining an active and full-time private practice, with a primary focus in the areas of trauma, grief and loss, Dr. Campbell currently co-manages a two-site practice comprised of over twenty clinicians and is a site co-ordinator for an Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) outcome study. An active ICEEFT Certified Trainer, Leanne has been providing trainings in EFT over the past over twenty years and has similarly been involved in the development of various training materials including DVDs, on-line educational/training programs, books, workbooks and articles.

Continuing Education

This course is pre-approved for 12 CE hours through R. Cassidy Seminars. 

  • CEs are not included in the registration price. 12 CEs are available for an additional $40 USD to individuals that want them
  • CEs are available only to participants that have completed the entire 12 hour training
  • A multiple choice test will be administered prior to awarding CEs
  • For more information regarding CE credits and to purchase credits once you have completed the course, please follow this link: EFIT & Trauma Additional 12 Hour Training CEs
  • Speaker Disclosure: Leanne Campbell is co-director of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT; and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group. She receives a speaking honorarium from VICEFT

This training is suitable for: Registered (or Qualifying) Psychologists, Psychoanalysts, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, LMFTs, RSW, Licensed Counselors, MDs, & Nurses. If you are a registered professional and do not find your designation above please contact us and we’ll let you know if it is an appropriate training for you. Click here to email us

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